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Wedding Planning Tip | Unplug Your Wedding Ceremony


Wedding Planning Tip | Unplug Your Wedding Ceremony

What is an Unplugged Wedding?

An unplugged wedding is where you request that your guests unplug from the world and refrain from using their phones for photos and video. There are a few main reasons why you might want to do this. They have to do with your use of professionals to provide the visual package, social media and your guest experience. Unplugged weddings ceremonies are becoming more and more popular. But if you haven’t considered having an unplugged wedding or even heard of one, then this tip is for you.

You have Hired Professionals

The first reason is that you have already hired a professional wedding videographer and photographer whose job it is to capture those key moments with professional equipment. Your guests should feel free to relax and be in the moment with you. Let the professionals worry about getting the perfect angles and framing for your wedding memories. Guests can easily hinder the professional coverage and even unintentionally ruin one-time only shots. It’s better if they were to take the experience in live and let the professionals worry about covering the memories.

Be in Control of What Goes Online

The second main reason that you might want to consider having an unplugged wedding is because of social media. When guests are taking photos and video throughout the day, they’re unlikely to go to print for an album or canvas. Those images will more than likely be uploaded to Facebook and Instagram on the same day. Maybe you’d like to be a bit more selective about what images of your wedding go online immediately. Not only that but you don’t have to wade through hundreds of notifications at the end of the day or the next day when you finally go through them. It’s great when guests are documenting their own experiences of your wedding day and sharing the fun they are having. That’s probably best left for cocktail hour after the formal bit is out of the way.

The Guest Experience

You don’t have to insist that guests unplug for the entire day. The ceremony is the most important part of the day. It’s when your guests and groom will see you for the first time in your beautiful wedding dress. Rather than have them leaning out into the aisle and potentially obscuring the view of the videographer or photographer, have them take the moment in, with all eyes on the two most important people at that time.

How to Request an Unplugged Wedding

It’s really easy and polite to request that guests unplug for the wedding ceremony. Most guests these days will come to expect it, but they will need reminding or else the temptation to get a quick snap or short video clip will become too much. It is your wedding after all, you should be able to have it go exactly as you’d like. Trust your professional wedding videographer and photographer that they will capture the best possible angles they can and have your guests be with you in the moment. It’s rare that the guest photos and video will match the quality of the professionals but even if they did, it makes it harder for us to capture a quick candid of their reactions when they’re concentrating on getting their own photos.

All you have to do is ask the celebrant/ officiant to politely remind the guests that for the wedding ceremony, photography and videography is the sole responsibility of the professionals hired to do it and that they should relax and take the experience without using their phones.

You can also buy or make a low cost sign to politely remind your guests that you’d like an unplugged ceremony. It’s a nice touch and another way of gently reminding your guests that you want them there to experience the wedding and to leave the videography and photography to the pros.

From Our Point of View

As professional wedding videographers, we take great care over planning our shots along with the wedding photographer to make sure that we have your memories covered. We don’t mind guests taking photos and video throughout the day to document their own experience of the wedding and give you some images before you receive your professional images. We would agree that it’s a good idea to unplug for the ceremony. We want the best shots for your wedding film, we want you to relive that moment of walking down the aisle with guests beaming and watching you in your stunning dress. We don’t want to see them arms up with phones in front of their faces. We’ll make sure that we capture that and we guarantee you that our shot will be beautifully composed, steady and it won’t be vertical video. That’s why we would recommend having an unplugged wedding ceremony.

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