Laura & James Wedding Video at Hirst Priory, North Lincolnshire

Get your tissues at the ready because this is an emotional one. We are delighted to present the beautiful wedding video of Laura & James at Hirst Priory, March 2019.

Why do you want a film of your wedding at Hirst Priory in Lincolnshire?

We wanted to capture the words and emotion of the day. There is something that is magical about being able to watch back our special day over and over again .

Why did you choose us to Film your Hirst Priory Wedding Video?

We fell in love with the personal and intimate feel of your wedding films. Each of your films captures the personality of the couple and the emotions of the day. The film quality is second to none, the editing style makes it look like a Hollywood movie.

How did you meet?

We first met when James and I were 16/17 . We were on on a Prince of Wales course. It was instant attraction for both of us but James tormented me something chronic. We were rafting and I literally wanted to bash his head in with an ore. Even though he frustrated me so much, we couldn’t bear to be apart from the moment we met, we spent every second of every day together.

Tell us about you as a couple

We are the sort of couple that are glued to each others hip, whatever we are doing, we are doing it together, whether it is a night out, shopping or taking a shower, we are always by each others side. I had probably best explain the shower thing lol. I mean one of us sits in the bathroom while the other showers and we chat. We have two wonderful sons and love to spend the weekends together as a family going out on day trips. There is nothing we love more than snuggling under a duvet with junk food and watching a movie or TV show. We have very similar tastes in things that we enjoy. But personality-wise we are quite different. I'm quite shy and easy going where as James is loud and attention seeking. He can be quite moody and easily stressed, but we balance each other out, He helps me to come out of my shell and I help him to forget his worries and relax. The one personality trait that we do share is that we both like to act stupid and wind each other up, there is also a lot of play fighting.

Tell us about the proposal

When we were younger, after a year or so of being together, we talked of getting engaged and of marriage. Unfortunately there was family frictions which eventually drove a wedge between myself and James. We broke up and drifted apart. 7 years had passed, I eventually found James on Facebook and within an hour of him accepting my friend request, we were on the phone telling each other other how much we still loved and had missed one another. We hadn't moved on from each other, but unfortunately James had recently moved to Cyprus and I thought our chances to rekindle our love was over.

Luckily that very same day, James asked me to move to Cyprus to be with him. I had no doubts and booked my plane ticket immediately. I knew I could never live without him ever again. My flight was 6 weeks away. During that time we spent as many waking hours as we possibly could on Skype. Even though 7 years had passed, it felt like we had never even been apart. I landed in Cyprus on 29th December 2011 and fell into his arms as soon as I saw him.

Two days later, on New Years Eve, Jame’s was singing at a local bar. Half way through his set, he called me onto the stage where he got down on one knee and popped the question. I was stunned, even though I knew I never wanted to be apart from him again, I had only been with him for two days. I said yes without a second thought.

I spent 4 weeks in Cyprus when the day eventually came when I had to return to England. I have never cried so much in my life. I could not stop crying for days. I had no idea of when I would be able to permanently move to Cyprus. After 3 weeks, James couldn’t take it any longer and came back to England to be with me.

Since that day, we have never been apart. We had 2 wedding planning mishaps before getting lucky on the third time. I know it sounds cliche, but we believe that we are soul mates. It goes much deeper than love and attraction. There is an overwhelming feeling that we are supposed to be together as one.

Why did you choose a Hirst Priory Wedding?

We picked the venue purely on looks and style. Everything about Hirst Priory is perfect. The main thing we wanted was a stunning venue for photos and a wedding film. We certainly got that and more. Not only is the venue absolutely beautiful, the staff, the food and the drinks were all amazing. there are so many things that made our wedding and stay at Hirst Priory just simply magical.

What experience do you want to give your guests at Hirst Priory?

We want to give our guests a big family knees up where everyone can relax, have fun and socialise with family members that they haven’t seen for a while. We are very family oriented so our wedding is about coming together as one big family to celebrate the love between us all.


Photographer - Kirstie Garlick
Dress - Justin Alexander Sincerity 3944
Cake - Fantasy Cake by Pam and Kay
Venue - Hirst Priory
Venue Dressing - The Bride
Bouquets - The Bride
Groomsmen Suits - Next
Bridesmaids - TFNC
Catering - Complete Catering Services
Entertainment - The groom, The Main Event singing waiters

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