Meet the Team


We’ve been making wedding films together since 2016 after a hobby of film & photography eventually lead us to being asked to film a wedding. We thought how hard could it be? We jumped into the challenge with unbridled enthusiasm and as it turned out, filming a wedding is hard. But also incredibly rewarding, we loved making that film and the couple loved the end result. From then on, we were hooked.

We dedicated all the time and resources we could into learning the art of wedding cinematography, attending workshops and studying the masters. Since then, we have had the pleasure of making wedding films all over the UK for some amazing couples.

We have a huge passion for creating wedding films and have our own relaxed method for filming weddings in as natural a way as possible. We analyse and refine our approach with every wedding that we film. We aim for high-end production values whilst maintaining a discreet and relaxed approach that ensures we don’t cause distractions at weddings. Our focus has always been to retell the unique story of a wedding in a way that is timeless and immersive.


We got married ourselves in July 2018, our wedding video is coming soon which we will share with you on here. We know what it’s like on your wedding day, to be the other side of the camera.

This has helped us in our own approach to making wedding films. We know that brides especially and more and more so grooms are pouring their heart and souls into planning the perfect wedding day to remember.

Outside of wedding films, we thrive on having our own creative outlets. Joe is a musician with a lifelong passion for drums and Jade has a talent for making personalised gifts, favours and cards in her crafts room.

We also do corporate video production, promotional highlights films and music videos.

We share our home with our Boston Terrier called Abe and now that we’re married, we plan on starting a family soon.

We’d love to get to know you and your plans for the wedding. If you think we’d be a good fit for your wedding day, send us a message and tell us about your plans.